vvv''...If Cramer’s photographs show us something like a post-Romantic, post-Environmental view of nature, they do it by acknowledging that nature now is a kind of science fiction. In that sense, the closest analogues to these photographs – and they seem, like the peaks scaled by the first mountaineers, to continually gull us into seeing them for what they are not – are cinematic, not photographic. The clouds that shroud Cramer’s mountains recall the veil of fog around the dreaming planet in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris; his woodlands are like the eerily overgrown portions of the Zone in Stalker, where one might happen upon the ruins of the future. One has the sense – and here the filmic exemplar would have to be Predator – that something at once visible and invisible is moving among the leaves.'

vvv'vvv'- from 'When Is a Landscape Not a Landscape',
vvv' by Brian Dillon (Art Review, July/August 2007)

DANIEL GUSTAV CRAMER was born in Neuss, Germany in 1975, and is currently living and working between Berlin and London. Since receiving his MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in 2003, he has been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, The Hodge Photographic Award, the Jerwood Photography Award, and has shown his work in several other notable group exhibitions. Most recently, he had solo shows of this work at both the Domobaal Gallery (London) and the Goethe Institute (London).

For more information, please visit: http://www.danielgustavcramer.com/


"Mountain / Woodland ", by Daniel Gustav Cramer
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